Brake Align™ - Runout Correction Plates

Brake Align

The revolutionary Brake Align™ Runout Correction Plates provide the simplest, least costly and most effective solution to correcting excessive lateral runout. Lateral runout can be measured, with a dial indicator, and can be corrected in less than five minutes per wheel. With two taper sizes available, Brake Align allows for runout up to .009 over specification to be corrected without the need for a costly wheel hub bearing replacement or the use of an On-The-Car Brake Lathe. Most importantly, the use of Brake Align does not involve cutting a new rotor that can affect the integrity of the rotor and surface condition.

Brake Align™, the effective solution

Brake Align

· Corrects for lateral runout generated by the stacked tolerances between the hub assembly and brake rotor flange

· Excessive lateral runout results in brake pulsation, steering wheel vibration, noise, increased brake component wear and increased stopping distances

· Eliminates customer comebacks due to “warped rotor” complaints

How to install Brake Align

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