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NUCAP, the global leader of braking solutions,

optimizing the performance of your vehicle.

NUCAP Performance - Perfecting the Science of Braking.

NUCAP Performance

For more than 20 years NUCAP has supplied the brake industry with the best and more innovative brake system components on the market. NUCAP has been the global leader in innovation and production for brake system components for a number of years.

Now NUCAP took a step even further, providing not only the best products and innovation. NUCAP created a new label, launching innovative products meant to improve brake performance with cost effective solutions. At nucapperformance.com you will be able to purchase DRT spreader springs, Brake Align correction plates and NU-LOK | Piston Cushion. Products that rely on NUCAP’s expertise on brake systems to help your vehicle reach optimum performance.

It is simple to help your car achieve peak performance, just install DRT spreader springs, Brake Align correction plates and NU-LOK | Piston Cushion. Now you can purchase those products directly from NUCAP and have them delivered at you home or shop.

NUCAP Pace Award

With over 1 billion units in service, globally – all since its launch in 1999, is now the premiere Mechanical Attachment Technology in the world. Originally used on those platforms where extreme performance was the standard, NRS™ use has evolved to capture the full range of cost benefits that mechanical attachment brings to friction manufacturing.

NUCAP was recognized with the Automotive News PACE Award for its NUCAP Retention System (NRS), as well as the spirit of innovation that characterizes the culture of the company.

“NRS is a compelling example of an innovative solution to an unsatisfactory but accepted process in the automotive industry.”

To learn more about NUCAP Industries and its products please visit www.nucap.com.